17 dodatnih uređaja za pametne telefone koji će vam učiniti život lakšim

21 jan

17. Thermometer

Why use an old-school thermometer if you can go digital? Utilize your smartphone and this awesome gadget to check the temperature of almost anything.

16. Gear Case

Cosplay is a serious business for many people. This Japanese iPhone case will definitely turn you into a character from a famous video game!

15. Game Controller

Gamers will love this! A game controller that helps you battle all the enemies on your smartphone’s screen!

14. Arcade Game Set

This is a level-up gadget — an arcade console just for you. Just like in the 1980s, get yourself an arcade game.

13. Digital Highlighter

This device works as a highlighter, but it’s even better because it helps store the parts of the text you need to highlight in a digital format. So much for conventional highlighters!

12. Tool Case

If you are a multitasker, then this smartphone case will become your favorite gadget. It will always come in handy when you need to cut or open something.

11. Activity Tracker

This activity tracker looks like a brooch, but it helps you track how active you’ve been throughout the day. Awesome!

10. Projector

A smartphone projector! This is totally cool for those who prefer watching TV shows and movies on a small screen. Turn a wall in your room into a cinema — all you need is this amazing gadget!

9. Alcohol Checker

It’s not only policemen who will find this very useful but also people who like to drink occasionally and stay healthy. An alcohol level checker is what you need!

8. Smart Flowerpot

If you like growing plants, then this smart pot is what you need. It will tell you when to water your plant and if it needs more sunshine. A great idea to make your house more green!

7. Skin Moisture Checker

Checking your skin’s moisture level has never been so easy! Just plug this device into your smartphone, and touch your skin.

6. Smartphone Sterilizer

There have been many reports on how unhygienic smartphones are, so here is a whole new device to sterilize your gadget. Say bye-bye to bacteria!

5. Selfie Flash Lights

Taking selfies 2.0. If you’re a blogger or just a selfie person, then this flash light device is what you need!

4. Card Reader and Flash Stick

A card reader and a flash stick in one. The perfect combination for the many things you can do with your phone.

3. Portable Charger

No need to take all those cables with you! This portable charger will do the job with no hassle.

2. Microscope Photo Gadget

Taking photos with your smartphone has reached a new level: micro level. This microscopic photography gadget will help you with that!

1. Smartphone with keyboard projector

Keyboard projectors are a new hit in the smartphone gadget industry. Some of the manufacturers have even introduced phones with this inbuilt technology.


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