13 načina kako da krenete dalje kad vam se čini da je sve pogrešno

17 dec

Sometimes we feel that everything is going sideways. No matter how hard we try to fix our life, it turns away from us anyway. Curiously enough, an effective way to get back on track is to start doing something new.

Even several hours spent in a new and pleasant place will help you to take a different look at the world. And who knows? Maybe you’ll be lucky and find the solution you were looking for.

Little personal goals and achievements like ‘to run a mile’ will return your confidence. After all, the saying ‘a sound mind in a sound body’ is so true.

It’s easy to think and breathe in a nice uncluttered home.

The people who surround us influence the way we think. Therefore, it’s good to invite new lovely people into our life who think differently than we do.

Sometimes it’s essential to take some time off and just stay at home. Nothing dramatic will happen in a day. But you will get an opportunity to calm down and think things through.

A new hair color, hairstyle, makeup, or clothes will help you to look differently at yourself.

It’s okay to ask for help. If everything is going wrong, feel free to ask for advice from someone who has been through something similar. Or just ask your mom — she’ll always understand.

Sometimes we just can’t resist trying to eat our feelings by having a burger. But we don’t always feel great afterwards. During tough times it’s better to eat more grains, tasty veggies, and fruit.

New skills are new opportunities.

It’s a good way to remind ourselves that our world is huge and we’re not alone. And if we can learn French or Chinese it means we’re capable of doing absolutely anything.

It’s not necessary to change everything at once. Start with baby steps. For example, instead of staying up all night in front of your laptop, go to bed on time. In a month you could get used to this. Maybe then you’ll be able to break another bad habit.

One little victory means a lot. Once we overcome our fear, we bring back our self-confidence.

When we forgive ourselves, forgive those who hurt us, and forgive the world, we leave our past behind us because it doesn’t matter anymore. And then we can move on.


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