11 primjera totalno genijalnih marketinških taktika!

4 maj

Bright Side has found some examples of companies that have used ingenious advertising to turn ordinary products and services into hot commodities. We warn you, though: hide your wallet before reading, because you may be tempted to buy something!

Red Bull

Once, to beat their competitors, the makers of Red Bull decided to artificially set the price twice as high as their competitors’ and asked retailers to place the drink anywhere in their stores except in the beverage department

Taxi Mike

Instead of printing posters about their company, Taxi Mike prints city guides that include cafés, bars and other places of entertainment. In other words, it talks about all the places Mike can take you around the city — in his taxi, of course!


To promote the third season of Game of Thrones, HBO had a large shadow of a dragon appear in random places, such as on the covers of magazines and the pages of newspapers. It was even projected onto buildings to make the effect more realistic.

Marlboro cigarettes

At one time, Marlboro consumers learned to pull cigarettes out of the carton without removing it from their pockets. This meant that other people didn’t see the brand of cigarettes. So the company designed cartons with flip-tops that had to be pulled out of one’s pocket, attracting attention to the brand.


Long and curvy aisles in IKEA stores don’t exist by accident. They ensure that customers see every item on sale at least three times from several different perspectives. This subconsciously increases a customer’s desire to buy the good even if they did not need it in the first place.


This famous producer of motorcycles takes first place in terms of tattoos that incorporate the brand’s logo. It all started when Harley promised large discounts to those who came to the store with a tattoo of the Harley-Davidson logo.

Alka-Seltzer pills

Originally, Alka-Seltzer ran commercials in which one tablet would be dropped into water. It then came up with a new commercial in which two pills were used. It worked. Apparently, the person who thought of this was also the one who came up with an idea of changing instructions on shampoo bottles to read: “repeat if needed.” This trick helped to double shampoo sales.


Once, a chemical engineer named Victor Mills came up with a revolutionary idea when he was helping his daughter change her babies’ diapers. He had to wash and dry the diapers in order to reuse them over and over. This led him to the idea of disposable diapers, and eventually Pampers were born.

Razors for men and for women

Advertisers researched the market and came to a conclusion that men and women, obviously, have different shopping habits, with women tending to spend more on beauty products. That’s why most goods identical in their functionality, but intended for use by different genders, often cost differently as well. And razors are actually just a single example — this trend concerns almost any beauty product on the market.


Once, a coffee shop appeared that promoted itself as the ’non-Starbucks’: it had different furniture, different music, a different atmosphere and different service. What did Starbucks do about this competitor? It bought the company…but it didn’t close its shops. Instead, it enforced the non-Starbucks vibe there even more. This made the competition between the ’rivals’ even stronger, attracting even more coffee lovers’ money to the same company.


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