10 najboljih web stranica za freelance usluge

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When it comes to finding potential gigs, freelancers, startups, solo-operators and other independent contractors have never had it so good – all they need to do is turn to the internet. Similarly, business owners who need help with copywriting, graphic design, programming, IT or other specialized services can easily find the perfect freelancer online.

Job marketplaces for freelance services provide a platform where individuals get listed, and businesses can post projects or browse for what they need. Each site works a bit differently. Some sites offer free listings, while some are paid. Some make freelancers bid on projects; others merely play match-maker. Some take a percentage of the project value, while still others work with flat rates. But all serve the same purpose: helping potential freelancers and clients connect.

Here are 10 popular sites, listed alphabetically, that keep the gig economy going.

1. Dice

Dice bills itself as a “career hub for tech insiders.” While the site mostly lists full time positions, it also carries freelance opportunities, so posting a resume or project there is a good idea if you are involved in the tech field.

2. Evanto Studio

Evanto Studio connects you with freelance talent for your creative endeavors, whether you need artists, actors or designers. Evanto Studios vets their freelancers and doesn't allow just anyone to post their services on their directory. Their freelance profiles contain detailed pricing information, work samples and reviews.

3. Fiverr

Fiverr has grown up from paying people $5 to do just about anything, to a legitimate freelance platform where you can find professionals to help with your business or personal projects. Fiverr's freelance marketplace lets you browse ready and willing professionals, including programmers, WordPress experts, illustrators and even voice-over actors who can do Morgan Freeman impressions.

4. Freelancer.com

Freelancer.com allows you find work for your online project fast and for a reasonable price. Freelancers submit bids for your project, and you can view their past work and user reviews to make your decision. The platform focuses on getting work done for website development, SEO marketing, mobile development and other online centric projects.

5. Guru.com

Guru.com's mission is to connect employers with freelance talent locally or globally, and the site is one of the deepest in the freelance field. See how to post your professional profile, select a membership type, get paid safely through its SafePay payment service and earn a professional services ranking. Check other details on costs and membership levels. Try out its project search capabilities.

6. HireMyMom

HireMyMom caters to work-at-home moms looking for flexible work. The site links qualified professionals with businesses seeking temporary or permanent project help and is part of the Home Based Working Moms Network. It's free to post work and the website does not take commissions from the job posters or seekers.

7. MediaBistro

MediaBistro is the place to be if you freelance in the media industry ̶ as a writer, designer, editor, ad sales person or other position ̶ or need help in that arena. Become a member at MediaBistro, register in the freelance marketplace or just check online job listings in the freelance or contract category (although the site does list full-time, part-time and internship positions). There is also an extensive training platform where you can hire trainers to instruct you in many subjects including writing, marketing and business.

8. People per Hour

People per Hour is a simple platform that allows both hirers and freelancers to browse talent and jobs respectively. There are few limitations to what type of work you can post, allowing you to list very specific jobs and requirements. You can also browse through freelancers’ profiles where they display their hourly rate.

9. Sologig

Sologig.com helps connect contractors, freelancers and consultants with businesses seeking independent professionals. Registration is free and unlike other project based websites, Sologig does not charge project fees. There's also no bidding on Sologig ̶ freelancers choose which projects they are interested in and negotiate pricing directly with the employer. You can build a customized resume of your expertise accessible to thousands of employers. Sologig has something for everyone, from beginning freelancers to seasoned consultants. Sign up to receive email notification of projects in your selected field or search thousands online.

10. Upwork

Upwork contains dozens of categories for you to browse and search for freelancers/contractors for your business. Upwork is one of the only freelance websites where you can find specialized and licensed help including civil engineers, attorneys and financial consultants. Upwork provide freelancers’ hourly rate and job success rating. Freelancers can sign up for free and receive a certain number of free “Connects” per month to bid on jobs, but Upwork takes a 20 percent commission on any earnings.


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